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5 Reasons Why a GreenWay Vacation Home is the Ultimate Disney Upgrade

Added: Aug 14, 2019
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5 Reasons Why a GreenWay Vacation Home is the Ultimate Disney Upgrade

So you're planning a trip to Disney World- and it's so exciting! A trip to Orlando is a huge right of passage for any family. First things first- book the plane tickets. Next, reserve the hotel rooms. Hide your shock at the sky-high price of two hotel rooms at the park. Try to ignore your anxiety as you pay thousands of dollars for a few measly square feet of living space. Pray that the rooms will be close to each other or- if you're lucky- adjoining. Hope that the rooms aren't near the noisy elevator or ice machine. Dream about a full-sized refrigerator as you try and tuck all your supplies into the tiny hotel mini-fridge. Cross your fingers that there's more than lukewarm coffee and pre-packaged danish at the morning buffet.


What if we told you there was a better- and greener- way to do Disney? A way to make your Disney vacation less stressful, less expensive, more relaxing, and more private? A way to keep your whole family together easily and stress-free, creating lasting memories and truly re-connecting? There is a way to get all that and more. Skip the hotel and book a vacation home instead. Here are five reasons why renting a GreenWay vacation home will give your next Orlando vacation a massive upgrade.

It's affordable.

You might be thinking that there is no way you could afford to rent an entire home. We're here to tell you that it's not only possible- it's often less expensive than the typical hotel. Consider this: renting three hotel rooms at Disney's Port Orleans Hotel in September is a whopping $6,000. But renting our gorgeous Lakeside Joy vacation home- with six-bedrooms and a private pool? That's about $1,450 for the same week. Cha-ching! >Per square foot, vacation homes are almost always more affordable than hotel rooms. The average hotel room is a cramped 325 square feet while the average vacation rental home is about 1,600+ square feet. Even better- travel with a group of friends or another family and split the cost for even bigger savings.

Vacation rental home also has a full-sized, fully-equipped kitchen so you don't have to eat out for three meals a day. In a hotel that's often your only option- unless you're planning on daily room service or raiding the expensive minibar every night. In a vacation home rental, you can stock up at the grocery store and eat a few meals in as a family. That's a huge chunk of change that's staying in your pocket. And don't fresh blueberry pancakes always taste better when everyone is still wearing their pajamas? It's flexible.


When you're staying at a hotel, you're at the mercy of their schedule for housekeeping, maintenance, meals, and pool times. Renting an Orlando vacation home means getting out of bed whenever you feel like it. Midnight snacks and cat naps in the afternoons. A quiet swim in your private pool at sunrise. A cozy night in on the sofa with a great movie and a huge bowl of popcorn. Flexible happy hours for the adults and surprise snack times for the kids.  And how much time do you want to spend at the laundromat during your vacation? Oh right- none! Throw a load of laundry in whenever you feel like it and go back out to the pool or head to the parks for the day.
It's private.

For the family who values tranquility- or are traveling with a baby or toddler- a typical hotel room can be a nightmare. Vending machine and elevator noise. Heavy, clanging doors. Maintenance workers and housekeepers coming and going. A packed pool. A loud, crowded restaurant. After the hustle and bustle of a day at the parks, the last thing most Disney goers want is more noise, more commotion, and more stress.


Imagine this instead: you've spent the day at the Magic Kingdom and your whole gang had a great time. But you've walked for miles and you and your Mickey Mouse ears are a bit droopy. Instead of eating dinner in a crowded restaurant, you head back to your peaceful rental home. You all change into swimsuits and have a cool, relaxing dip in the pool before cooking up some dinner on the grill. You make yourself a cocktail as the sun sets and the crickets start chirping. One of the kids falls asleep on a lounge chair and you carry them to bed. The whole family is rested, recharged, and ready to take on the Mouse again the next day. It's pure vacation bliss!

It's comfortable. Our Orlando vacation homes are just that- homes. You won't find any rough, industrial-grade carpet, tiny refrigerators, or single-serving coffee makers in our homes. In your vacation rental home, there are full-sized appliances, pots and pans, multiple bathrooms, a washer and dryer, dishes, cozy blankets, plush linens, board games, and books.  Some of GreenWay's vacation rental homes, like Heron Hideaway, even have game rooms- perfect for the occasional rainy day. Amenities like these can make your stay more comfortable and relaxing, particularly if you're traveling with children. In fact, some of our homes offer high chairs, Pack and Play travel cots, strollers, and children's sized plates, cups, and utensils.  It's better for the planet.

Here at GreenWay Property Management, we're committed to offering environmentally friendly choices to our guests for their Orlando vacation. Most of our homes are energy-efficient and equipped with eco-friendly touches like energy-saving light bulbs, washable cloth napkins, reusable canvas bags, HE appliances, and natural cleaning products. All homes have easy-to-follow recycling programs, too.  Overall, staying at a home uses less energy and resources than a typical hotel room, making a vacation rental the perfect choice for the green-minded traveler.


Home Over Hotel. Before booking the expensive hotel in the park, consider your goals for this trip. The pre-packaged vision of a Disney dream vacation often falls short when faced with the reality of steep hotel prices and little downtime or privacy. Too much time “on the go” can lead to burnout, cranky tempers, and meltdowns- the exact opposite of what you're looking for. But the privacy, flexibility, and convenience of an Orlando vacation home let you and your gang genuinely relax, recharge, and reconnect as a family. Staying at a hotel as a family often means renting two or three rooms. There is no guarantee that they will be connecting or even near each other- yikes. A vacation rental home means your whole crew is together. And isn't that the point of an Orlando family trip? Whether you're a seasoned Disney pro who comes back year after year or you're an Orlando newbie who's anxious to plan your perfect first trip, we're here to help. Contact GreenWay Property Management and let one of our friendly and knowledgeable local staff help you pick the ideal vacation rental home for your next Orlando vacation.

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